The Visionary...

Lisa Wallace-Bethel is the Owner of I.C.O.N. Cosmetics and Beat Studios in Nassau, Bahamas.

She took the leap into entrepreneurship and opened her Studio/Salon in May of 2016. Now, in 2018, she has taken it a step further, with the launch of I.C.O.N. Cosmetics. Lisa considers this one of her major accomplishments.

Lisa is a self taught Makeup Artist and has been in the makeup industry for over 6 years. She has made her mark in the industry and has been dubbed as one of the leading makeup artists in the Country.

Lisa is all about empowering women and her goal is to enhance the beauty of any female that she comes into contact with.  Lisa believes in the power of makeup!  "It cures low self esteem and it builds confidence. Every woman who sits in my presence, never leaves empty", she says.

Lisa's dream was to develop and launch a cosmetic line, catering to women of color. She is proud to introduce her brand, I.C.O.N. by Lisa Wallace.   Since its launch, the brand is proving to be very diverse and most importantly, cost efficient, just as Lisa dreamed it would be.  She has also launched LWB Beauty Box, where she offers a monthly beauty box subscription, with five products for every day glams.


Lisa believes in helping others to re-discover their true beauty through the art of makeup. She continues to do this, through her classroom setting and one-on-one makeup coaching sessions.  It is her passion and goal to inspire all women to be successful in whatever they do.

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